6:25 AM

Just started following Beastie Boys' Tumblr blog from where I've learned their latest single Make Some Noise which you can check out here.

make some noise

But what makes it more interesting and of course funny is their trailer music video "nothing silly" which includes Will Ferell and Elijah Wood. The music videos shows Will and his fellows as they showdown who's the real Beastie Boys.

Interestingly, Beastie Boys blogged that released of Make Some Noise via Tumblr wasn't really part of their plan as they say from their blog:

This wasn’t really part of the plan, but since this track is out there we wanted to let you hear it here first, or maybe second. Enjoy

Not part of plan or simply a 'free taste'? Well, it doesn't matter because it sounded really good to me. Keep it up Beastie Boys!