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Almost two years ago when I blogged my favorite punk rock band Nerf Herder in which I focused with their song that talks about Sammy Hagar.

Nerf Herder's song entitled Van Halen disses out frontman Sammy Hagar when they sing the lines

Is this what you wanted, Sammy Hagar?Sammy Hagar, is this what you wanted, man?Dave lost his hairline but you lost your cool buddy

Apparently, this week's entertainment news site Starpulse.com reported that Sammy Hagar Still 'Angry' Over Van Halen Split and somehow confused about his departure from the band. Added by that site, Sammy Hagar is convinced they could have achieved great things if he had stayed on as singer.

Hagar tells Dr. Drew, as he was disappointed with what happened to his former band.

"I don't really know what (Eddie's) whole problem is... The ending was hurtful... Nobody likes that... I was p**sed off. I let it out the other way. I was angry, and I still carry it with me, like you said. I feel it. I'm going, 'Why did those guys do that?'

"Look, they throw me out of the band and then they haven't done anything since! Eighteen years later (sic). It's like, 'Why did you do that?' We were the biggest band in the world, everything was fantastic, and it's a shame to see that go to waste."

Hagar parted company with the Jump hit-makers in 1996 after 11 years as the group's frontman, claiming he'd been fired after a bust-up with founder/guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

He admits he's still furious over the incident, and he's confused as to why he is no longer with the band, as its work rate has slumped since he left.