11:45 PM

Google Earth Day doodle this year is all about the environment, animals, nature and “going green”. Unlike Google Earth Day 2010, which depicted Google logo into a trees as if you were looking upwards.

Google doodles was not only known for just changing the its logo but it has been a source of information during special events such as birthdays, deaths of famous people from all walks of life including science and entertainment.

Since there are billions of users who utilizes Google as a major search engine, Google doodle helps this year's advocacy to make our planet Earth go greener.

About the Google doodle, as you visit Google home page today at Google.com of course, you would see the logo posted above. The above image is not animated as compare to its original version. The fall is the seen here is actually animated while hovering the panda, penguin and the koala bear, you would see them moving.

So, what are you waiting for. Check out the animated version of Google Earth Day doodle 2011. Enjoy!