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Today is Melissa Joan Hart just turned 35. Born 18 April 1976 in Smithtown, Long Island, New York, USA named
Melissa Joan Catherine Hart. Her nicknames Mel
Halfpint, Sa (from "MelisSA" ,"ClarisSA", and SAbrina),MellyJHart

Melissa Joan Hart became a household name during her teenage days when she lead the Nickelodeon TV series Clarissa Explains It All in 1991 to 1994. Hart also appeared on Nickelodeon's anthology show Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 2 episode "The Tale Of The Frozen Ghost" in 1991.

Hart's success with Clarissa Explains It All was followed-up by even more successful TV series that lasted seven seasons on ABC, Sabrina The Teenage Witch in 1995 to 2003. 

Here's a mini-biography of Melissa Joan Hart from IMDB.

Mini Biography

Melissa grew up in Sayville, New York. Her acting career started at the age of four, when she did a commercial for a bathtub toy called Splashy. Her mother, Paula Hart, has been her agent from the beginning. Melissa is the oldest of eight children, some from her mother's second marriage. Six sisters, Trisha Hart, Elizabeth Hart, Emily Hart, Alexandra Hart-Gilliams, Samantha Hart, and Mackenzie Hart who is the only sibling who never appeared on Melissa's TV series "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (1996). Her brother is Brian Hart.