5:41 PM

Two of the original American Idol judges will be seen together again. The news broke today as Simon Cowell confirmed that Paula Abdul will be of judges in upcoming reality talent search American X Factor. X Factor original version from UK created by Simon Cowell and produced by Syco TV.

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell who worked together with American Idol will now be working together to its direct rival. Not really a competing show since it is all under Fox channel after all.

Simon Cowell has been very vocal how he wanted to be with Paula Abdul once again. Simon says in an entertainment site,

"I've always wanted Paula. Always been very vocal about that. I missed her the second she left 'American Idol'," Cowell, 51, told Deadline. "Always loved working with her even though she can be a pain. ... I don't know what it is about her, but I've always clicked with her. You just have to get that chemistry, and she's right. I've never found anyone better than her."

Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole who was also judge of X Factor in UK says what she feels towards Paula Abdul,

"I thought she was bright, cute, knew what she was talking about, ambitious. And you meet someone special a few times in your life, and this girl is special," Cowell raved of the Girls Aloud singer, 27. "If people take to her like the British public did, I think she's going to do really well in America. And Fox was desperate to hire her."

Since American Idol Season 10 is about to reach its finale, this upcoming American X Factor something we'll be looking forward to.

How bout you? Are you excited with X Factor or just waiting for renamed American Idol?