5:24 AM

I'm so glad today Google featured my favorite Sesame Street character named Cookie Monster. This is in recognition to Sesame's its 40th anniversary. It reminds of my grade school days when I have to go home early just catch up the afternoon slot of Sesame Street. Though it was even re-scheduled in the morning.

Sesame Street song, "Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away!" now lingers in my head. I also enjoys dubbing his voice until now. "Cookie monster loves to eat to cookie". I also remember his song "I wish the moon is a cookie " or sort of, and he ended the song in dark place because he ate the moon. That's my childhood memories with Cookie Monster.

Good thing Google featured Cookie Monster today. By the way, in some region Big bird was featured by Google.

Rock on Cookie Monster. I hope next time Elmo will be featured too.


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