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Yesterday, Google featured Cookie Monster doodle which really makes me happy. With that post, it reminds of the room mates from the Sesame Street gang which are Bert & Ernie. The fellow are also fun to watch but I don't really like the two,  I'm sorry to kids or say adult like me who used to watch Sesame Street.

Do you also notice Bert & Ernie's color yellow and orange? What can you say or think of? Actually, the two implies Banana and Orange ;). What really annoys me when I watched them before is that they look likes gay to me. Again, sorry to those who likes the two.

I'm not posting here to make fun of the two. One more thing, in Philippines we have a rap-artist named Andrew E. which I think looks like Ernie, the one holding a rubber duck from the photo. Incidentally, Andrew E. has a song Rubber Dickie. Now, it makes me wonder, does E from Andrew E. means Ernie? Btw, if you want to see Andrew rapping, you watch from this post. He's wearing green shirt here.

Fun fact: Do you know that in Cotabato City we have a street named Sesame Street? Well, Cotabato City is really a child friendly city that's why we have a street named after a children show. (Honestly, I don't really know the story behind). Maybe or just maybe, it has been a street where people likes to watch Sesame Street and loves Bert and Ernie. The street is located at De Mazenod Avenue just below the Iglesia ni Cristo church.

Why does Bert have to much eyebrows while Ernie doesn't even have any? Maybe next time I'll be posting about Oscar. Hmm


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