5:30 PM

Google has been a friend to me for years now. Searching anything that I want know or have. On November 1, Hakuna Matata posted an article about the new acronym JFGI or simply means Just F**king Google It. An answer to those who asks simple or stupid questions which can easily found over the Internet.

Today it's Friday, last day of work (for those people working Monday to Friday 8am-5pm) for this week means will be having a two days rest. Most of my friends and colleagues are saying TGIF which means Thank God it's Friday, very popular acronym who loves Friday. Earlier, someone from my Plurk posted TGIF then I posted my own definition, The Google Is Frightening hehe..we should not of course that's why I re-post The Google is Friendly. Indeed, Google has been really friendly to me.

Not much of a time to waste here. How bout, TGIFI - Thanks Google I Found It.. I don't know if someone have already defined this. These are just my thoughts today.


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