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Inline with the 40th Anniversary of the children tv show Sesame Street here comes another Google doodle. It's Oscar the grouch, the Muppet that lives inside the garbage can. In the previous days, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Bert & Ernie were featured as Google doodle. I'm guessing tomorrow will be Elmo. This must be a series of Google doodle featuring the Sesame Street gang.

Some facts about Oscar the grouch, he loves trash and the proof to this is the song "I love trash" that he always sings. From Wikipedia,

Oscar is named after Oscar Brand, a musician and one of the early board members of the Children's Television Workshop during Sesame Street's development in the late 1960s.

If you want to know more about Oscar the grouch, you visit his Wikipedia entry here.

Again, Happy 40th Anniversary to Sesame Street


Greg Delaney said...

Do they still have those old school characters on Sesame Street like Harry Monster and purple, two-headed guy? they were too funny

ianemv said...

I'm sorry Greg but I can't watch Sesame Street anymore since local television channel here in Philippines are viewing anime and drama shows for children.

I think i'll be buying DVD instead so that my son will be able to know them too.

Thanks for dropping by Greg.

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