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Whew. As I mentioned from my last post Oscar the Grouch I'll be expecting my most favorite muppet from the tv show Sesame Street Elmo.

That rocks! "Elmo loves to hug". The line that reminds me of him always. Most Elmo's segment are featuring singers or bands which they sing the artist's popular song and change the lyrics into an educational one.
The last time I watched was on Youtube, Elmo sang together with Chris Brown (one of the popular R&B artist). I don't really know the song they sang together but the lyrical content is more about the signages you see around you like post no bill, stop sign, open & close for stores etc. Wait, I also remember Spin Doctors that band that the popular alternative rock Two Princess. Elmo did sang with them too.

Not much of time to talk about Elmo and the rest of the Sesama Street gang. Till next posting.

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