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This afternoon I happened to visit one of my favorite site Mashable. What really held me from doing my work was the post Apple fires back at Windows 7 new ads. Very interesting ad. Of course as PC user with Windows XP installed, I would love to read reviews about Windows 7. A lot of Windows users have high expectations with Windows 7 particularly those who slam Windows Vista.

Here are some of the things that I don't want to experience from Windows 7.

  • No more default browser (IE)
  • No more blue screen of death (BSOD)
  • No more lags
  • No more driver required (My experience in adding networked/shared  printer in Vista was really embarassing as compare to XP, adding is just double clicking or right clicking then connect)
  • No more broken promises please

I expect a better OS compares to Vista when I'll have my own Windows 7. I also remember from one of the blogpost I read, according to that post, Windows 7 will utilize well the dual-core to multi-core processors that's why I expect my PC to perform well with it.

Enjoy watching the ad commercial below. As for the ad commercial, I think Apple have gone to far with attacking Windows. It's not that I'm so into Windows, I'm actually a fan of Linux particulary Ubuntu but since in almost all places I'd go I see and work with Windows. I would love to see the Windows 7 latest ads why Apple released such ads. I'll be posting about it maybe tommorow.


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