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Good News! I'm glad that a climate destroyer from Indonesia was shut down by activists. I'm really proud to be a member of the group Greenpeace. I may not be actively blogging about climate change but deep inside me I admit I will be the one directly affected by effects of climate change.

Let's make a difference.

By the way, here's the details of the latest accomplishment of the activist from Indonesia.

Greenpeace action underway now in the Indonesian rainforest!

Activists are stopping climate destruction now!

Early today 13 activists locked down cranes at one of the largest pulp and paper mills in the world and 4 activists still remain - as this e-mail was sent operations at the export facility had been stopped for 9 hours already.

Deforestation is a root cause of climate change - contributing approximately 1/5 of global greenhouse gas emissions - and the Indonesian rainforest is one of the frontlines of forest destruction.

There are only 11 days remaining until the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen and our activists are sending a clear message to world leaders: they must avert climate chaos and end tropical deforestation by agreeing to a fair, ambitious and legally binding climate deal at the Summit.

Get the latest updates from the action and support our climate defenders!


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