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Looking for flash games? Try y8.com. Not really promoting the site but I just seen this by a grade school student playing at the Internet cafe owned by my neighbor. It brings out the child in me because it reminds me of the games I played during my grade school days.

In the peek of family computers, I usually play Super Mario, Street Fighter, Silver Surfer, Chip n Dale, Rockman, Bugs Bunny, Double Dragon and simple games such as Battle city, Bomberman, Rush n Attack, Arkanoid etc etc etc..Now with the power of PC's, there are already emulators or software plugins that play those classic games into your PC.

Sometimes I tend to forget to bring with me the flash drive where I put the game emulator I copied from a friend of mine. With the power of Google, I ended up playing at Y8.com where you can also play classic games and some latest games which were not in family computers.

Here are some of the latest games posted today at Y8.com

# Double Dragon 2
# Double Dragon
# Arkanoid old but full version
# Dora Saves The Prince
# Playground Kiss
# Baseball Jam
# Floodfill
# Salchunggi
# Killheads
# Rescue Game
# Ponky
# Agh! Zombies
# RedEye 1031
# Flood Fill
# Family Football
# Baby Boom Game
# Inculcation
# Cake Bakery
# Halloween Cake Style
# Halloween Jump

See? there's a lot more.


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