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What should I do? Should I keep my mouthpiece in my mouth? 
James' tweeted.  Image source :  @jose3030

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat, one of the most anticipated match in NBA for this year's playoffs as Dwyane Wade said : "I think the NBA did an unbelievable job of picking a great first game," 

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat ended the first quarter with a score of MIA : 9 and BOS:16, showed how Miami dominates the first quarter. The entire game was entirely dominated by Boston from the beginning until the end with 88-80 scorecard. Ray Allen leads the Celtics and scored 11 points while Rajon Rondo with only two points but eight assists.

It seems like three superstar players Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh didn't complement or the tandem didn't turned out well. I'm pretty sure Miami Heat's first game it's not the kind of game the three will play in the entire season. I'll expect more than that in the next coming game. The team should really work hard on their offensive strategy.

As Shaquille O'neal joined Boston Celtics, the team somehow gained a huge contribution from the veteran center player. I'm glad Shaq deal at least worked out well.

Shaquille Oneal coming out. Image source: NBA.com

As a fan of Boston Celtics, I'm very glad they won their very first game as this will show if they can make it to the finals once again.