5:39 PM

Last Friday night, Justin Bieber joined a laser tag match and along the match he encountered an aggressive kid who is so let say "mad" at Bieber and referred him as "faggot"

According to TMZ post, during the game the kid keeps on aiming Justin Bieber which is against to the code of honor of laser tag. When Bieber was cornered, the kid was keep on shooting him. Bieber told the said kid  "That's enough", the kid responded, "What are you gonna do about it, faggot?"

Bieber told to the kid "Excuse me" the kid then responded "You're a faggot"and put his hand out toward Bieber and Bieber pushed it away as he left.[TMZ]

But according to several reports Bieber never struck the other boy.

Investigation is now going on while the kid's father already filed a complain against Bieber. According to police investigation, fault does not lie with Bieber.

Source: TMZ