7:35 PM

Cebu Pacific dancing flight attendants already caught worldwide attention since the conventional way to demonstrate the procedures on using live vest and seat belt has been pretty boring.

In my opinion, Cebu Pacific should not come up with gimmick like this because there are too many complains  that needs be address first. Here's a sample story/complain about Cebu Pacific.

I have nothing against with Cebu Pacific, the only thing I complain is that there's no free snacks :) during the flight haha... As to its promo prices, well it's nothing but a gimmick too. It's not that really low at all. As a matter of fact, Philippine Airlines is much cheaper if you're going to book earlier to your supposed flight schedule.

Well, let's go back to Cebu Pacific dancing flight attendant, I'll rate the music 8 since it's one of the songs of Lady Gaga that I really like and the re-mix with Katy Perry's California Gurls was not bad. Timing and coordination - 8, Audience impact - 9. Overall  - 8. Since Philippine Airlines does not have dancing flight attendant, Cebu Pacific Dancing Flight Attendants is a sure winner.