11:09 PM

How smart is your email program? Automatically adds contact? Suggests a random email subjects? Does have chat feature? Or Voice Call? Drag and Drop attachment?

Well, I'm not really sure if Gmail's alert feature is something new or has been around quite a long time.

Earlier, I was replying an email to a friend and I mentioned that I have "attached file" which I sent before the email I am about to reply. After clicking Send, I was prompted with "Did you mean to attach files?", "You wrote "attached files" in your message, but there are no files attached. Send anyway?

At first I thought I've attached a new file and failed but I realized I'm not attaching a file again and so I clicked the Send button again. Then, I was prompted with the message I mentioned above and at that moment I read everything the message said. After reading it I was amazed again with Gmail's features. It's really that simple feature but something that is very functional for regular email users who always mentioned "attached file/s".

So, next time you use your Gmail be sure to try this feature.