3:09 AM

Yes! Lindsay Lohan dead is another viral trending topic over the Internet today and yet it's hoax.

Well, the only thing that's true with that fake news or rumor is that it's definitely not true. Do I have to say more?

Here are some of my posts regarding to celebrities who has been killed by rumors. Don't get confused they are all alive and well.

Bill Cosby Dead

Justin Bieber Dead?

Taylor Swift Dead?

Is it true that Pants on the Ground guy dead?

Mel Gibson Dead. Of course NOT!

 Meanwhile, aside from Lindsay Lohan dead, there was also a 3-way s*x tape that has been buzzing at Facebook in the past couple of days.According to TMZ , 

We're told Lindsay just became aware of a Facebook page teasing, "Lindsey [sic] Lohan Just Leaked Having a THREEWAY on Camera."

A message on the page continues, "Don't ask how i got this ... NO ONE ELSE HAS SEEN THIS VIDEO."

But sources close to Lindsay tell us the actress is adamant that no 3-way sex tape exists. Sorry guys .. and some ladies.

We're also told the link may just be a virus -- so click at your own risk. 

Well, Hollywood gossips and celebrity rumors never stop.