12:10 AM

One of the hottest searches keyword today is Time Traveler Caught On Film, very fascinating yet needs to be proven.

George Clarke the man who posted the video of alleged Time Traveler caught on a film using a device in communicating. Clarke, a extremely passionate by the work of the famous actor and director would like to prove that there are images and a video that show Charlie Chaplin had predicted the invention mobile phone in 1928!

How could that happened? From what I saw in the video, I simply don't believed it. Although, if proven, it will surely be remarkable discovery. Imagine, an invention long believed to be invented in 1979 was already invented 50 years earlier. Well, let's see in the next coming days the result of this speculated time traveler caught on film.

Watch the said video below. The video happened during Charlie Chaplin premiere in 1928. Check out around 6:15 of the video.