2:35 PM

Chase retail banking and credit card transactions is down due to technical problems, a spokesman for JPMorgan Chase Co. confirmed this morning. The problem began overnight, and the company is working to fix it, said spokesman Tom Kelly.

Visiting the site chaseonline.chase.com will prompt you a message The Website is temporarily unavailable. We're working quickly to restore access, and we encourage you to log on later.

The outage excludes ATM and telephone transactions, only Chase Online transactions is having technical problem according to news source. As for the restoration of the online transactions, the company did not gave a definite date or time about it.

Chase is a consumer and commercial banking that provides the following services:

    * Branch, ATM, telephone and online banking
    * Credit cards
    * Small business
    * Home finance and home equity loans
    * Auto finance
    * Education finance
    * Retirement & Investing
    * Retail Checking