10:58 AM

For Jackie Evancho's fans and who people like me who expected her to win may have felt disappointed. If you are looking for information regarding the America's Got Talent Winner, it's clearly been said from my title that the young opera singer Jackie didn't make it to million despite the media coverage and and becoming one of the Youtube sensation for the past few weeks.

Is this a repeat of what Susan Boyle have experienced in Britain's Got Talent? Obviously it is. Does America's Got Talent franchise what Britain did? Susan who didn't won somehow sold a million copies of her album despite of losing the competition. This is really disappointing. They are supposed to discover great talent but turns out that it's a failure. Lesson learned. Well, being young is not worth awarding a million because they will just buy chocolates, kidding.

Two things is really sure here, Jackie Evancho didn't win but eventually will be more popular than Michael Grimm. Jackie will still be love and watch over video sharing sites compare to Grimm.