7:05 AM

When is Eid ul Fitr 2010, question we are also been swirling here in Philippines particularly Cotabato City. I prayed Tarawih (the night prayer during Ramadhan) earlier tonight and the Ustadz told us that since we from Cotabato City started our fasting night of August 11, we will start looking for the first appearance of the moon of Sawwal tomorrow night. If the moon will not be seen then we will pray for Eid ul Fitr on September 10.

Compare to other Arab countries like Saudi, Qatar, Libya and even USA, they all started their fasting day ahead of us. According to some relatives and friends in Saudi they are also waiting for announcement after sunset prayer (Maghrib) and they'll be looking for the appearance of the moon representing the month of Sawwal.

How bout in your place, when is Eid ul Fitr of 2010?