8:03 AM

I first received my very first Google Adsense income last month and it tasted so well. Today is Google's 12th year of existence and from its inception and start of gaining popularity, it didn't fail us to cater new product or services.

For this year only, the following innovations are so far I remember that I've enjoyed.

  1. Priority Inbox - one of the smartest way to sort out your email is to use this feature
  2. Google Voice - Chat within a browser is not new anymore but, a voice call to mobile and land line phones within a browser is really new this year. Although competing with Skype's VOIP is something like rocket science exploration for Google.
  3. Drag and drop with Gmail - I'm really enjoying this Gmail's feature as it lessen my time looking for the file i wanted to browse. Also, if you're using Chrome, you can also save it by dragging the link onto your desktop to download it.
  4. Google's Instant Search - One thumbs up! The other one is for missing the accuracy of what we wanted look for.
What else? And oh by the way, the Adsense and Google Webmasters updated its features too. Actually, there are too many stuff added to other Google products. What I have here are just a few of them.

P.S. Google Wave waves goodbye but it was opened-source to developers for further contribution from open source community.