5:37 AM

I'm actually so so busy but I really can't miss posting anything here since I have promised myself to keep my blog updated.

I first noticed rap battle video of FlipTop - Dello vs Target on Facebook and since then rap battles started coming out from different places on Youtube and as a fan of rap battles which I learned to appreciate from 8 Mile movie of Eminem, I can't resist having a post of these emerging rap battles.

The video below is the very first battle I've watched and it was entertaining but a type of entertainment that I wouldn't enjoy in the long run.

FlipTop - Dello vs Target Part 1

No Harm in Trying

Perhaps, with the help of Youtbe, my ka-barangay here in Cotabato City will be able to capture the attention of other rap battle initiators and communities. Wait, can they change their camera into more quality and capture clearer ?

Here's a sample video of Cotabato's Kutitop Rap Battle

KUTITOP COTABATO RAP BATTLE-b2 vs. nhedz veranek