7:19 AM

Well, I'm not really into hardcore gaming but cards and other simple game, I'm so into it. I've just visited Gmail blog today and look for some interesting posts. Though we (Gmail users) all know that Priority Inbox Beta is now available to our Gmail as soon as we login. Go ahead check it now by visiting your Gmail login.

Let's continue with the fun stuff with the Gmail game. It isn't about playing about Inbox, Spams, Contacts, Login and other mail related but a Gmail inspired shooting game. Check out the screen below.

Gmail Login

See my score? It's already 5800 (not a score for bragging though). It's like a Galaxy game played by 80's kid like me in a Family Computer back then but only this time, the lead character is a Gmail icon.

What can you say? Just click the image then you'll be forwarded to the game host.