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There are hundred of ways to make money online and yet about 3 years ago only pay per click (PPC) advertisement and Google Adsense are familiar to me. Last year I actually on and off updating this blog researching and quitting again just a typical guy who wants to make money online in an instant without digging much deeper as recommended by people who are now earning regularly.

Fortunately this year, I was given by my colleague Ark a keyword to search engine optimized and explore more about it. From searching the volume of search pertaining to the keyword and its results, linking here and there, it gave me a full-blown information about SEO which I wish I learned sooner. The SEO technique taught to me by Ark are also techniques he learned from two popular two bloggers who created the E-book Guerilla Blogging namely Zigfred Diaz and Marhgil Macuha. It was like a spoon feed. Really appreciate it Ark! Diaz and Macuha are just two of the brilliant bloggers from Philippines who shared their ideas without hesitation. Guess they are acknowledged everyday with the e-book they shared to blogger like me who are dying to learn how to increase their earnings from Adsense. 

I was actually frustrated or not really looking forward to earn money online but as soon as my site traffic rises from 20 unique visitors to 400 plus or at most 1000 plus, my typical Adsense income per day of less than a dollar also rises up from $1 up to $5 dollar at most (If i get lucky or depending on page CTR and eCPM rate). All done by SEO. See traffic stats below.

I must admit, I am not really good in writing and most of my posts are grammatically wrong but I also strive to correct them as soon as I've noticed it. But why I'm still going on? Well, as long as I remember Gumer Liston or one of the blogs I visited told about a story of quality against quantity contents. You may also check Melardenio's entry What a non-blogger missed out.It might inspire you to blog without expecting money.

The story's setup is in a classroom, the teacher divide the class into two wherein the half will make a quality made basket while the other group will make as many baskets as they can. Noticeably, the group that was assigned to make a quality basket was really making baskets in a slow production while the other group already made a lot of basket. The group with quantity noticed that they need to improvise what they are doing just for exploration and add some life into it. And they did. Note: I used basket because I really can't remember the real item they were supposed to do.

At the end of the day, when your blog is still not earning well (like mine), just go on with blogging. I may not be earning like John Chow and any other blogger who were able to receive monthly but at least with blogging I'll be able to learn new stuff everyday and keeping me aware with global trends.

And by the way, here's the screenshot of Google Adsense's payment details.

The first payment I received was just accumulated way back April 2007 but my earnings started to grew March of this year. See image below.

Guess, I have wrote too much and yet not constructively written. Anyway, hope I have given an inspiration to those who wants to earn money online. Again, I'm really thankful to the blogging community who have inspired and helped me directly or indirectly to continue and go on with blogging. Most of them are all in my Blogroll.

P.S. I noticed that the Ark's My First Taste of Google Juice, How Sweet It Is was also August. I think August will be my favorite month now since it's also my son's birth month.