6:48 AM

Youtube's role in making artists and discovering talents has been astounding ever since it went out to public. We wouldn't have Justin Bieber, Charice and other star who started from the said website.

Lucas Cruikshank was able to tapped Youtube's potential that gave him an opportunity to be one of Nickelodeon's latest project which feature his character creation named Fred Figglehorn. Fred Figglehorn, a fictional 6-year-old boy which he created has a dysfunctional home life and "anger management issues", which has been out on Nickelodeon.

The video below featured The Weezer, the band popularized the song Pink Triangle as guest from video which he promotes his album Party with Fred.

You may check out Fred's Youtube channel to get enticed to watch his Fred: the Movie. I wonder if Lucas is a close friend or a fan of Justin Bieber or the other way around.