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How in the world would $1000 worth of investment makes it to million?

At first I was sort of skeptical with this post at Yahoo! and really thought of it as another fairy tale story. Indeed, it is like a fairy tale happens to two best-friends who makes their $2000 investment to million.

According to the article at Forbes, Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed were not actually looking for the million worth of idea it just popped out during their drinking session.

Ahmed worked for Bio-Rad, which markets DNA-imaging equipment. Salamunovic noticed Bio-Rad's brochure on the table and to his untrained eye, the images looked like art.
Interpretation with the DNA images as an art changed their life and makes them millionaire now. Here's how they do their business.

they outsourced DNA imaging to a DNA-extraction lab in Montreal. Working out of Ahmed's apartment, they sold a few prints to family and friends. As the work caught on, they were invited to showcase at an Absolut Vodka-sponsored party in Ottawa's SOHO neighborhood. The new company, called DNA 11, sold $40,000 worth of art in the first month. An 8"x10" mini-DNA portrait goes for $200, while a 36"x54" wall canvas garners $1,300. The Museum of Modern Art features DNA 11 art in its museum stores in New York and Tokyo. The company's revenue in 2008: $1.4 million.

Credits: Forbes.com


jackie said...

i think it wud be 48yrs from now..
more money more monkey

jackie said...

it will happen i think in other place but here in our country lets see
i hope so

ianemv said...

I believe there are people who were able to make it to million from I think almost nothing at all.

The owners of Jollibee, SM and Summit Media/Cebu Pacific. I think there's a lot of them. They may not be a pure Filipino but it happens here in our country.

Also, how about those people who were able increase their net income to thousand percent the following year? hehehe

Cheryl Solis said...

It always amazes me (and makes me rather envious)when someone, just out of the blue, comes up with a fabulous idea to make money, then just cleans UP! I'm always wishing I had a great revelation like this! Sigh....!

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