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Novelist named Nelly Arcan died last September 24,2009. Cause of death is still under investigation. I may not have read her novel entitled Putain and some others but I really like to post about her because I really adore writers.

Nelly Arcan birth name is Isabelle Fortier and born on March 5, 1973 at Lac-Megantic in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Her novel sexually explicit Putain was published in 2001 and made the shortlists for the Prix Femina and Prix Medici in France. Three years later she then followed it up with another novel Folle.

Nelly was also a columnist for ICI magazine and also appeared on Canal Vox tv show. Three weeks before her death she published a story in the said magazine entitled "Take me, or You're Dead". I do hope this has nothing to do with her death. Cop's suspected suicide for the cause of her death.

May god bless Nelly Arcan's soul.

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