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I'm not a huge fan of the local artists in this post but since I found this edited/Photoshoped picture of them I start wondering if their chemistry will work to both Kapamilya & Kapuso fans.

Will their chemistry be the same with Richard Gutierez and KC Concepcion? Will this team up make the two rival networks unite?

This might be for fun but who knows if this team up will really work. What do you think Kapamilya & Kapuso?


ark said...

I think si Richard Gutierrez at KC Concepcion lang ang kayang gawin na pagsamahin ang dalawang giant networks sa isang project. Ganun sila kabigatin.

ianemv said...

Oo nga. Tsaka sa tingin ko hindi ganun ka-benta sa masa si Marian dahil sa negative na feedbacks sa kanya.

jenie said...

visiting you here=)

thanks for droppin by my blog, hope u can also come visit my other blogs. as of now i have a new post in my earthy me.

as for this love team, im not much into local artists as well, but so far...this gerald is someone that struck me as trying overly hard..."pa-cute". sorry, but i don't like him...and so would be any love team of his'.

visit back friend.

ianemv said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments jenie.

As of now or almost a year now, I don't watch local tv shows. with regards to Gerald, I don't find him trying overly hard as you described. I think that is his normal ways of portraying his roles but i don't like him neither.

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