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For the past few years of Ramadhan in Cotabato City, it has been a hobby of motorist to have a drag race at night. Although I believe it has been prohibited by the city mayor because the accident it may bring and for the safety of Cotabateños.
I love going out with my cousins during those times to see races and if there's no race we'll proceed to some hangouts and eat instead.
This year, I'm not sure that there's still a drag race held because I'm really that busy as a father started last year. You see, my son Izian is now one year old and sort of annoying because of his being so active. He now walks around the our room and hold or throw everything and even pull wires he reaches.
I blogged about this drag race because awhile ago I heard a screaming car a block away from our house. Grrr! I just said "Madapa ka sana!" hehe.. So irritating in the middle of the night! I'm not enjoying that hobby anymore.
Image source: ABC News


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