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At the Yahoo! featured post tonight (Philippines) I noticed the picture of President Obama and Rep. Joe Wilson with caption The night's defining moment.

Here's the score, Obama delivered his speech with some harsh words towards his critics. Rep. Joe Wilson reacted and shouted "You lie!. Rep. Wilson was pointing to Obama's claimed his plan wouldn't offer free care to illegal immigrants.

Sen. Lindsey Graham was disappointed with the Obama's speech and says it made it more difficult. "He appeared to be angry at his critics and disappointed the American people were not buying the proposals he has been selling. ... If the Obama administration and congressional Democrats go down this path and push a bill on the American people they do not want, it could be the beginning of the end of the Obama presidency." (yahoo news).

Most of the US citizen believe that health care program is very unsatisfactory, find it hard to avail at times and long for reform.

For the past weeks, Americans has been waiting for Obama's outline for health care program reform and yet he failed to do so. Which I think as one of the reasons why Obama's speech outburst his critics.


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