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Here's a refreshing look of my Yahoo! mail today.

I was a little surprised awhile ago with my Yahoo! mail with its new look particularly the graphics. At first, I noticed some of the icons and tabs are not embossed. Everything looks flat with unlike before where tabs and other icons looks 3D.

Anyway, what really caught my attention was the box at the lower left entitled Application. By default, there are eleven applications available for you to use or enable.

To some bloggers, these applications are called aggregators. Aggregrated apps gives you an option to grab and link your datas, updates, photos, micro blog post, bookmarked links from other social sites. For instance Flickr, one of the applications available, you will have the option to browse public photos or your photos from your Flickr account and have it share/send to your contacts immediately.

I think this is just the beginning of the upgrades of Yahoo! mail since they engage their Yahoo! search to Microsoft's Bing. I also remember Yahoo! told that the deal will give them ample time to make Yahoo! mail even better.


Pastilan said...

Di ko to napuna sa Yahoo ko ah, minsan lng kasi ako nagyayahoo mail, hotmail yung sa akin. pero check ko Yahoo ko ngayon.

ianemv said...

Salamat sa pag dropped by Pastilan. Once in a while kasi may mga changes ang Yahoo! mail.

Siya nga pala exchange link na rin tayo. Nasa Links page ko nga pala ang site mo.

Pastilan said...

okay, ilagay kita sa blogroll ko, thanks

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