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Sidney CrosbySidney Crosby a professional Canadian hockey player that some single ladies find him hot.

Born in August 7, 1987. Started playing hockey as early as 2 years old in his basement. Learned to skate at the age of 3. Sidney Crosby is now captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League (NHL).

If you are searching for photos of his girlfriend, you came to the right place. For your information he's still single and available for dating. I've searched on this topic all over the Internet and found out that he's really not into dating someone. Feel free to date him.

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Anonymous said...

hey, sid is really cool and i hope he wins the cup again.

Mommy Crosby said...

He still lives with Mario Lemieux:

a) it would be tough to convince a girl to go home with him
b) he doesn't want to get Mario jealous
c) he wouldn't know what to do with a girl anyway

I'm his mother. I know these things.

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