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Another flood hits Sultan Kudarat Municipality today. It's been three days of heavy rain that triggers another flood for this year. It's sad that this calamity keeps coming back every time there's an heavy rain here in Central Mindanao. In fact, there's a boy who was drowned due to the flood
Budget for the rehabilitation of Mindanao River Basin has been hailed by Cotabato Archbishop during the 33rd meeting at the Isla Parilla Resort Hotel. It is also worth noting that President Arroyo already approved a P50-million project study for the Mindanao River Basin. 
Mindanao River Basin is the country’s second largest river basin with an area of 23,170 sq km which includes the major rivers of Banga, Ala, Pulangi, Mindanao, Simuay and Tamontaka.
LGUs, DPWH and other concern agencies has been working on the said rehabilitation. For the government agencies "Please work on it immediately".


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