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I never thought that there's a person who I might say obsessed with David Letterman. I think Letterman is that popular in US particularly his show Late Show with David Letterman where celebrity guest are being interviewed by himself.

The show alone is really fun for me to watch because some celebrity shows their humorous side.  But tonight while doing some Wordpress stuff, I took a rest visiting Yahoo!'s homepage and surprised with the latest post "Dying to Do 'Letterman'. A man named Steve Mazan a stand-up comedian who was diagnosed with cancer and been dreaming of interviewed by Letterman.

After all his efforts including setting up a website dyingtodoletterman.com, his dream came to reality. What really caught my attention posting this was regarding Steve's motto "If you stop chasing your dream, you're already dead." 

Would you agree to his motto? Well, I really do. How bout you?


jenie said...

yes...we can't just let our dream find us. we have to do something if we really would want something to happen.

even our God will not give until you ask, and do something about it.

visit back...even my othe blogs

earthy me

ianemv said...

Hi jenie, thanks for dropping by. I'll also visit your other blogs.

Even in Muslim teachings, we were preached that if you want something in life you have to do work on it.

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