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Why in the world would our fellow Filipino post at her Facebook account such  treachery words to her kababayan?

Is she that successful in Dubai to say those words? We Filipino bloggers are much interested in campaining for help to those victims of the typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) and yet there's this woman unexpectedly uttering silly words to victims.

We all know that Manila are known to have sinners but does she realized that even in Dubai there are sinners like what she thinks of here in Philippines.

Human are known to be sinners Jacque Bermejo or Jackie Bermejo. Realized that!

You can enlarge the image at left pane for clear view of her post and some replies at Facebook.

Here's also some twits at Twitter.


ark said...

Dahil sa mga insensitive comments nia, sikat na sikat na si Jacque Bermejo na yan. At galit na galit na rin ang buong bayang Pilipinas sa kanya.

Such a loser!

tintin said...

She’s obviously innocent. Come on guys, she’s a PR officer, she can’t have a bad grammar.



I haven’t checked if they’ve uploaded the interview/video on YOUTUBE, you can guys check it out yourselves.

To those who made a bad comment about her, PLEASE SAY SORRY.

ianemv said...

@ark - if ever siya talaga nag comment nyan she's really a loser. well kung hindi nga, walang hiya talaga yung tao na nag comment na yun.

@tintin i understand. i will be posting separate post for that.

Miriam Ranau said...

Hello everyone,

It's high time to direct the same effort you put into your well crafted rants regarding her very uncalled for comment in this unfortunate situation.

Let us move on, let us progress into becoming what it should really have been right from the start--a relief organization for Ondoy victims.

I kindly ask everyone to turn off the hate and channel it into helping those who weren't so lucky to have voiced out their feelings in the matter.

As Filipinos, magtulungan tayo. We can make a difference!

if you can't donate goods or cash, information is always welcome such as areas still not yet served or danger areas with people to rescue. Oh and disseminating the information. Thanks to everyone and God Bless!

sample sites

ianemv said...

@Miriam - I'm done with Jacque or to be specific, to the right person who really did it. I'm just one of those who didn't felt right towards that comment.

As you know, Cotabato City and its nearby municipality was also affected by flood last month and last year. I understand how it felt to be a victim because we have relatives too who experienced the same.

Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

clark said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ianemv said...

To Clark, I'm sorry I cannot publish your comment here. You can visit the site given by Tintin, her interview from ABS-CBN / Official statement about the her wall comments from Facebook.


I hope Jacque Bermejo can clear her name once and for all.

Anonymous said...

May comment na po from dubai police to verify yung claim ni Ms. Jacque. please see http://archive.gulfnews.com/articles/09/10/01/10353684.html. SO NOW, THE PEOPLE WHO WERE QUICK TO JUDGE AND MAKE HASTY COMMENTS TO DESTROY SOMEBODY'S REPUTATION INCLUDING THOSE WHO TOOK TIME TO WRITE MS. BERMEJO'S BOSS, WILL YOU HAVE THE BALLS AND GUTS TO APOLOGIZE TO THE REAL JACQUELINE BERMEJO OR STILL CLAIM YOUR INNOCENCE AND MAKE EXCUSES NA HACKED PA RIN YUNG STATEMENTS NYA WHEN SHE WAS CLEARING HER NAME? WILL YOU STILL SIDE WITH THE PERSON BEHIND THE MALICIOUS ACTION (ayun yung taong yun masarap ang tulog habang tayo nag-aaway-away at may nasira ang pangalan)? Pwede po ba next time maging maingat na po tayo sa paghambalos ng tao? Ganun din sa maglabas ng blog na ikokonsider agad na news and fact ang mga nababasa sa net. Sa bandang huli kay God naman tayo magiging accountable eh. Yun lang po.

Anonymous said...


CASAPRESTIGE official statement

In regards to rumors circulating around Ms. Jacqueline Bermejo.

We would like to firstly clarify that Ms. Bermejo is not officially connected to our organization but rather helped our brand development through the offering of marketing/media advice for a temporary period being a personal friend to some of the CASAPRESTIGE team.

Having said that CASAPRESTIGE can again on a personal and professional level vouch for Ms. Bermejo to a 101% - condemning all these disturbing and groundless allegations made against her, we know for a fact because we accompanied here to the cyber crime department a year ago and to the Philippine embassy this time around.

To the concerned Filipino communities and individuals around the globe we urge you to not believe everything you read especially if it’s from less than credible sources such these online communities.

Facebook is not where you should be getting your information.

We also would like to point out that the numbers 0503416640/044329633 are not connected to Ms. Bermejo but indeed CASAPRESTIGE business numbers that are unable to provide information beyond this statement.

For the real story kindly refer to Ms. Bermejo’s only official statement and actual newspaper articles. please do look into it, i think we all owe her that much - to hear her side of the story,

“Suppressio very expression falsi” – a suppression of truth is equivalent to an expression of falsehood as a wise person wrote in,

And finally to victims of the typhoon we extend our prayers.


Robeen R. Kobeen - operational partner

Antonio Lupi – Managing directior


Anonymous said...


from dubai police..

Anonymous said...

yund domino cid di rin kaya nagamit ang pangalan nya? sya kasi yung atenistang gumawa ng letter para sa boss ni jacque eh

Dave B said...

Stop the hate. watch the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHRiz5c00Nc&feature=player_embedded# .there is already a statement from the Dubai police cybercrime department that hers was really a case of identity theft. I hope both the person who started the issue, the irresponsible bloggers, the real person behind the comment and those who hastily judged the true Jacque Bermejo suffer for the injustice they did to the JB. Sa mga nagkamali ng paghusga sana umamin sa inyong pagkakamali at mag-apology na para naman kaawaan kayo ng Maykapal. Wag nang asal hayop.

Anonymous said...

katangahan..may mga tao na minamali ang kanilang salita at wording para lang maibigay nila ang gusto nilang sabihin

Anonymous said...

case closed tapos na to

ianemv said...

matagal na pong close

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